Our Founder


Education finds a so very important place today and the growing need for effective education has become the need of the hour. It was our Sanctimonious Saint our Founder Rev.Fr.Louis Savenien Dupuis, who brought forth revolutionary changes in women upgradation by establishing educational institutions especially for women. He was the fore-runner, the path finder and the champion who sowed the seeds of women education in India. He is the founder of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation. Since the inception of such institutions women benefitted a lot and thus were the denied rights of education made possible and at the reach of women. This was how he evolved to become historical with the monumental fame. Thus by virtue of his strenuous efforts, he channelized his service not only for the sisters of the congregation but also for the betterment of the society.

His bestowal to the field of education is so creditable. Annals and historical references speak volumes about our ennobled visionary, who having born in France came to India, learnt Tamil, wrote hundreds of books on the fundamental focusing women improvement through education and awareness. His role in social service was so vast, amazing and epoch-making. 

“Gratitude is the music of the heart”.

Empowered by profound regards and an overwhelming sense of awe, we are to contemplate on the travails trodden on by our divine and downright patron who laid the bottom-core of our institution.

His unfailing love and grace helps us work for the pride of the school and for the honour of him. Our father lived upholding the virtues of Lord Christ, by making them his own and paved way for others to live a pious life. Our founder sprung as a new harbinger of hope for the new dawn of the society. Our patron stands so very prominent such that the history of Pondicherry speaks so loftily about him. He came like a rain, like a shine to Pondicherry in the year 1840 and left a trail-blazing impact in the Indian soil.

He was the perfect exemplar who led his life abiding by the axiom of his mission. He perceived the feelings of the sisters and accepted them as they are, firmly laid the foundation for solidarity and made them be devoted to God. He was tireless and unyielding with clear thoughts. Our patron’s letters to the sisters help them to reflect and establish their stability in the wake of confronting perplexities.

 “Faith is to believe what we do not see and the reward of this faith is to see what we believe” – St.Augustine.

 “Beyond this vale of tears

 There is a life above

 Unmeasured by the flight of years

 And all that life is love”   

        - James Montgomery