School Motto

TRUTH, LIGHT & SERVICE is the motto of our school. The school imprints the children to be undaunted in standing by truth, thus illuminating their minds with a conscientious prudence that abnegates ignorance. It strongly vouches that the precious endowments of sound mind can fruitfully hardness boundless potentials into productive energy. It proclaims that subtlety and consecration stand testimonial for the accomplishment of monumental task. Our scope is enlarged to epitomize unflagging spirits in unearthing the dormant capabilities of our students. The school streamlines the substantial endowments of expertise in the students to give expression to their latent strengths and helps them gain access to different avenues that unlock the treasure of knowledge.

Our school promotes the healthy spirit of emulsion and teaches how to relate and integrate. Incorporating these ideals our students are enabled an opportunity to evolve as torch bearers and enthusiasts who foster kinship and cohesive integration in synchronizing and harmonizing the abilities of the students towards accomplishing gargantuan tasks.

These ideals are the proverbial lights that make the school stroll towards a monumental rise. We aim at shaping the children to be replete with immoderate and admirable altruism, to be simple and affable with the characteristic milk of human kindness.

 We aim at engendering philanthropy and a resolve to be unswerving apostles of conciliation. 

“A good tree makes good fruits”

“Merit and Good-Breeding will make way everywhere”                          

 In the words of the Poet Laureate Tagore 

“Meet Him and stand by Him in toil and in the sweat of thy brow”, the motto aims at turning over a new leaf in generating pupils who would incorporate precious virtues.